Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's quiet around here

sabin is sailing.
it's endlessly raining.
it's awfully quiet around here.
i'm enjoying it less than i thought i would.

but there moments.
i get to finish whole thoughts.
all in my own head.
usually while sewing.

and that's a very luxurious thing.

i've also listened to regina spektor's far about 600 times.
because there's been no one to complain about it.
(husband has been in his workshop, listening to endlessly to eliza dolittle.)

and that's a very luxurious thing.

on friday, we'll go get her.

but in the meantime, i read this. and i'm reading this. and next i'll read this. (i'm loving the library.) you can read a lot when it's quiet.

but i'll be glad to have her back.
noise and all.

so i'm counting down 'til friday.


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I know how you feel about it being quiet. I miss Katie when she is away from the house.

I also love the library--we have a great library in the area where I live.

Take Care and have a great day!!

Tracy :)

Sammi said...

i am downloading regina spektor's far because you keep talking about it :)

Numinosity said...

My whole sumer's been like that... rain, rain and my husband gone for two week stretches at a time. The first two weeks were glorious and the second two weeks wore a little thin and by the third stint I was going a bit stir crazy with the grey weather. I was actually thinking of it as the "luxury of loneliness" I seem to handle the solitude much better when the sun is shining!
xoxo Kim

Brandy Marie said...

lovely _B

Bee said...

Despite the wet, wet weather . . . is it summer, really? . . . your pictures are so full of sunshine.