Thursday, July 07, 2011

thankful thursday

homemade blackcurrant soda

homemade blackcurrant cordial

a beach scattered with <3 stones and an old ball jar to put them in

a variety of flowers in the garden

flowers - the one good thing left behind by the old owners

a bit more sunshine today. it helps.
i hate that i've become one of those people.
those people who obsess about the weather.
but i need regular sunshine.
cloudy days just don't do it for me.

i promise to blog about something else soon.
but first, a dose of sunshine.


MissBuckle said...

Yay Jules! You're getting into it ;-) What great homemade stuff!

My post is up too:

Reena said...

The juice looks tasty!!! And you can complain all you want about the weather .. I need sunshine too!

berfin said...

dear jules,

After a long long break I am back to my favorite blogs and I love the serenity of this post and of course yours.

Thanks for keeping your presence here.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so precise and introspective. I love that.

Glad that there's some sunshine coming your way. I totally understand your need for less grayness in your life. I've turned into a weather watching nut, too.

Loredana said...

Loving the <3 rocks!! I've always been "one of those people" that constantly looks at the weather to decide my day. I don't mind the rain at times when i just want to lay low and relax.

DahnStarr said...

It's chemical, we have to have sun or we die...or our husbands die, or our kids, the dog or whoever else gets in our way because we become so grumpy! (yea, been raining here for a week...can ya tell?)

artist in the arctic said...

amen sister. love those stones. and that ball jar.

Sammi said...

Hooray for summer