Monday, August 01, 2011

monday ponderings

~ if your 8-year-old child is an incredibly annoying know-it-all and you just drop him off and foist him off on strangers in a public place, what kind of a parent are you?

~ should one or should one not read the books everyone is buzzing about?

~ i'm reading caitlin moran's how to be a woman (see above) and so far, i've learned a lot of new slang for one's private parts and had a vicarious experience of ecstasy (she writes well). and while i enjoy her ballsy writing, i'm not sure that i want to be the kind of woman she describes. right now, she's at a strip club. i'll share more about the book when i've finished it and digested it.

~ i've been writing a piece about foraging in my head for a couple of weeks now and thought i'd reached the point where it would come out onto the page, but strangely, it won't.

~ i hate when that happens.

~ my sewing is going well. i've got three sizes of little dresses (3-4, 5-6, 7-8(at least i think those are the sizes)) now. a photoshoot with them and a beautiful little girl on the horizon. and i've learned a lot about patterns and scaling. plus my sewing is getting faster and neater. these are all good things. i'll be providing some to an actual shop at the end of the week! very excited about that.

~ as you can see, the wildflowers are plentiful and make a fetching bouquet.

~ more thoughts soon....


Sammi said...

hiya, i am looking forward to seeing your final thoughts on the caitlin moran book. my friend who loved it has taken it very seriously, and I daren't comment on her writing about it until I know a bit more. My stack of books is not getting any new ones added to it yet, at least not until my pile doesn't span across my floor anymore.

Brandy Marie said...

Congrats on your dresses! Yea!
If you push your annoying kids off onto someone else without their permission just to get away from them, then I would consider that bad parenting. But if they are enjoying her/his company then no But I would rescue them after a few moments. :)
Ive also wondered about trending books. So I always steer clear of them until the dust settles. Then form my own opinion. Much to my amazement, most 'trenders' are usually not that great if you actually break them down. Horrible writing, unsatisfying endings or the dreaded over analyzing, droning monologues and never ending descriptions. What happened to allowing readers to use their imagination?!
Beautiful photos. I love that you left the hand in, instead of cropping it out. Makes it more visually interesting. :) _B