Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a glimpse of what lies beneath

on our christmas day walk, i kept noticing the reflections of the trees in the puddles.
i had a feeling that we had a rare glimpse of things down under the earth,
in to the roots of the trees, to what lies beneath.

and it was a clear reflection of the world above.

they say there is a root below for every branch above, so it sort of makes sense.

it was a strange, almost vertigo-like feeling it gave me,
standing on the edge of that secret abyss below,
through the window afforded by the still, clear water.
it felt like you could slip quietly in and explore what was below.

but instead, we walked on.

and a little shiver went down my spine.
i'm not sure we're supposed to know everything about what lies beneath.


will said...

Moments of perfect clarity flitter and refract then disappear ... all it takes is a turned shoulder and foot step.

c is for cape town said...

Beautiful picture, and thoughts.
Are those birches? I think I have birch-envy.