Wednesday, January 11, 2012

an encounter with madness

people should come with warning signs
do you think it's possible to tell whether someone is mentally ill just by talking to them on the telephone? i wouldn't have said so before today. but i experienced a telephone call with someone who was completely unbalanced - like in serious need of meds unbalanced. it became readily apparent rather quickly, but was like a big, flashing light of mentalness after she hung up on me when i asked to speak to her boss and then called me back 15 minutes later and calmly (and apparently seriously) accused me of hanging up on her and then proceeded to go mental on me again in all her glory. i mean like the kind of spouting incomprehensible statements in a shouty voice mental.

it's actually a really unnerving experience. i have to admit i was very shaken by it. and am still in a kind of state of shock hours later. i actually think she is dangerously, clinically psychotic. i'm actually grateful the conversation took place on the telephone and not in person. even on the telephone, i think i ended up a little bit scared.  even now, just writing about it, i get a shiver down my spine.

it was the kind of conversation that made me go out and check the bunnies when i got home, just to be sure she hadn't come by and pulled a glenn close. it was that bad. and i am more than a little afraid she knows where i live.

i think that somewhere at the base of us, our very instincts sense and fear someone who is truly off balance. i'm not sure i've experienced it so strongly before. and i can tell you that i hope never to experience it again.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that happened to you, but glad that you understood what was going on with this woman & trusted your instincts. I've encountered a few mentally unbalanced individuals in my life & it's completely unnerving.

I hope that this happens to you only one time. No one should have to deal with strangers who are unhinged.

Spilling Ink said...

The real scary part is that one never knows how to deal with these people even to protect oneself. They're just so unpredictable.

celkalee said...

rage occurs in the sane persons as well as in those with certified DSM IV R diagnosis. its absolutely unnerving to be victim to the rage, however, our world has permitted people with rage issues to behave this way and go unchallenged. I am sorry that you had to experience this and the unsettling sensation in caused. Is there any recourse to the situation, a superior to complain to? Take care, hug those bunnies!

Anne said...

Gives me the shivers just reading about it! Hope you and the bunnies (and horse--don't need any Godfather scenes, either) stay safe. Perhaps time to add a dog to the estate?