Tuesday, January 31, 2012

photo app fun continued or get thee to the app store

tiny planetized sunset

this is the same photo as yesterday, run through the tiny planet app.  after that, i got a little obsessed. but it was way fun!

tiny planetized swans on the lake

swans on our lake.

31/1.2012 - tiny planetized lighthouse

the lighthouse at blåvandshuk

husband at the north sea

husband at the north sea


an old german bunker on the west coast of denmark

Transformed by Tiny Planet Photos iPhone app #TinyPlanet

amber hunter at the north sea - i LOVE the birds in flight.

Transformed by Tiny Planet Photos iPhone app #TinyPlanet

and here it is flipped the other way in the app. even cooler, don't you think?

at the north sea

a watch tower at sunset on the west coast.

more fun w/apps - diptic

and the same photo played with in the diptic app.

get thee to the app store, i tell you. 
iPhones are a very good thing. 
i wonder if other phones actually still exist?


--maria said...

I'd put any of those on my wall. Counting down the days until iPhone5... then I will make my switch!

Sammi said...

how do you not work for apple already? how have they not landed on this blog and found your new religion and posts like this?