Sunday, January 29, 2012

memories of light and drawings of the future

a shot from the old house - a happy memory of light

we have snow at last.
enough for building snow forts and having a snowball fight.
one that quickly dissolved into laughter.

a weekend of new friends.
a bit too much red wine.
an impromptu fish soup supper.
an afternoon at the movies with the whole family.
a 6 layer rainbow cake.
a bit of horsing around.
a new cat named pepchen.

three brown hens are now broody.
i swear they actually growl at me when i go out.
it has cut down significantly on the egg count.
but they're sitting on plastic eggs.
silly hens.
i'm oddly charmed by the whole thing.

some new plans forming.
a result of the red wine evening.
in vino veritas. 
or at least dreams.
and husband gets to indulge his inner architect.

and tho' it snowed,
and i've been wishing for that,
i'm longing for the garden.
and something green. 
i blame hugh's veg show.

here's hoping your weekend was exactly what you wished for.

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Joanna Jenkins said...

I learned something new-- I had to Google "broody hens" (never heard of it before).
Thanks, xo jj