Friday, January 06, 2012

husband the builder

5/1.2012 - I asked husband to make me a thread holder

husband has a habit of going slightly over-the-top when i ask him to build something. i mentioned one day that i needed a nice little rack for my thread, so i could see what colors i've got when i'm sewing. i imagined a little rack of 3-4 rows that would maybe hang on the wall, but husband made this instead. it's at least a head taller than i am, holds 104 spools of thread and features a turning base so i can turn and see what i've got. right now, it's completely unworthy of the old dining room where it's standing, and it leans thanks to an uneven floor, but it's just completely awesome. and it, along with an old-fashioned three-layer pot for extracting juice using steam that he picked up in a second-hand store, made for some of the best christmas presents he's ever given me.

mailbox shelter

he also recently built this over-dimensioned (and not quite finished) little shelter for our mailbox and trash can. they passed a law last year that the mailbox had to be out on the property line and accessible by vehicle (if you live out in the country) by the end of 2011. many people put theirs out earlier, but after our postwoman asked chastised sabin one day last summer in a most decidedly churly manner about how we had to move our post box, we decided to wait 'til the very last day.  i mean really, yelling at a child about the post box? please. the weather turned ugly before husband could finish painting it, but it's already passed the hurricane-force winds test, so it's a good one. those poles are sunk a good meter into the ground - husband doesn't build things halfway. what he doesn't know is that once he's painted it with that weather-proof paint, i'm going to dress it up with something a bit more colorful.

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happy weekend one and all!


Elizabeth said...

You are a lucky one with such a handyman Keeper!!!!

Happy weekend.

spudballoo said...

wow, he's incredibly talented! v angry on Sabin's behalf about the jobsworth post lady. What a bizarre and stupid rule anyway. But the shelter looks good. Be sure to fill your bin with stinky old rotting food the whole time so the postlady has to ensure the stench. WIN!

Corrine said...

The man who builds, and builds sturdy, is surely a keeper. when we built our house the contractor commented that the front steps built by FIL will stand long after time has ravaged the house, like a roman ruin. the sons learned from their grandfather. Love the thread rack. as for the postal representative, I love that you waited for the last day to comply. She probably cringed every day wondering if you were going to ignore the decree and then she would have to involve some higher government official to chastise you, officially!(((smile)))

heidikins said...

Last Saturday morning I handed J a scribble of two shelfy things that I wanted and by 4:00 pm they were built and painted in my colors of choice. I am still baffled by this, I just had no idea men like that still existed, or that I knew of any of them. Your thread tower is amazing, what a fantastic husband!!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm officially jealous... of the rack and All. That. Thread! You are a lucky girl.
xo jj