Monday, January 02, 2012

the way is clear, the light is good

the way is clear, the light is good

the way is clear,
the light is good,
i have no fear,
nor no one should.
the woods are just trees,
the trees are just wood.
i sort of hate to ask it,
but do you have a basket?

into the woods
and down the dell,
the path is straight,
i know it well.
into the woods,
and who can tell
what's waiting on the journey?

*   *   *

a feather stone for the first person who knows where these lyrics come from.
preferably without googling it.

*   *   *

i'm planning on having a slow year

and january is starting off a bit slow. 
i have a cough from hell. 
so i'm taking opium-laced cough syrup,
which gives the world a kind of a golden tinge.
and makes me feel all floaty.
and a bit distant.

but that said, it really doesn't seem that bad.


Carolinesweetie said...

Sorry, I don't know, would have to google. It is beautiful though.

Anne said...

...I have no fear, nor no one should.

I wore out my parents' VHS of Into the Woods (the American Playhouse production on PBS). It made me ridiculously happy when it showed up on Netflix Instant.

Happy new year! May your year be full of clear ways and good light. :)

Elizabeth said...

Go to the doctor. There is a big chance that you have kold lungbetændelse, a contagious virus that travels around in Denmark.

rayfamily said...

I didn't know it either, but love it!! Going to have to put Into the Woods into my instant queue.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

feel better soon.

i wouldn't mind sharing a pint of syrup with ya!

CiCi said...

The road in the picture is serene and so so peaceful. I would like to walk down that road.

heidikins said...

I listened to Into the Woods almost all day yesterday, what a lovely treat to see this on your blog today! Red Riding Hood is my dream role, you know, if I could sing and act and/or dance. :)


Anne said...

ps: I totally failed to respond to the cough part in my last comment. Isn't that fancy cough syrup just the best when you have a bad cough? Here's hoping your cough goes away soon, and definitely before you run out of the good stuff. :)

Sammi said...

pants. totally was gonna google it, despite already having a rather fetching feather stone.... ;)

Blogoratti said...

Have a great year ahead!