Monday, January 23, 2012

some days are like that

it's been a weird monday. i was writing a whole other blog post and then a bunch of stuff wanted to come out and it kept clouding up what i wanted to write, so i just have to write this and get it out of the way. some days are like that.

~ moving horses will always take longer than you think.

~ australia is the worst movie i've ever seen. period. everyone involved in it should be taken out back and shot. especially nicole kidman. and whoever put together those backgrounds against the stuff shot in the studio, they should be tied up and made to watch the film repeatedly for the rest of their lives. even if their eyes have to be propped open with those metal thingies from a clockwork orange.

~ if you're a nurse and you have to take a swab halfway down someone's throat, perhaps just a teency weency little explanation or maybe even a "hello" before you come at them with the extra long q-tip would be in order. just sayin'.

~ if you need to get an x-ray of your lungs because you've been coughing for three weeks straight, go at lunchtime. there's no waiting.

~ people who write knitting books leave out a lot of stuff that beginners will have questions about. like how to remember whether that last row you did was knit or purl, or how to tell if you forget.

~ it seems that divorces come in bunches...another of sabin's classmates' parents are splitting up. she says it's the 6th in her class. apparently marriages fall like dominoes. i'm pleased to not know any of the whys and wherefores of any of them, but feel sad for the kids.

~ i have to make 600 (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration) cupcakes tomorrow. i'm thinking rainbows.

ok, i think that about does it. now i'll get back to the post i was really writing. some days are like that.


--maria said...

Some days?... Pretty much every day is like that for me. :) Divorces do come in bunches.. Heidi and Seal? WTF? I really.. think I might stay happily forever as a girlfriend with a boyfriend. Will this be the norm? Can you ever see marriage going away...?

Anne said...

I do this sort of thing, too, except on paper. Perhaps if the things rattling around in my head were as interesting as those in yours, I would put them in the interwebs. Mine are mostly things like "file expense report." Bo-ring.

Hoping your cough resolves soon, and without requiring significant intervention. Magic codeine cough syrup not doing the trick, I suppose? Sending healing thoughts your way. Fight on, lymphocytes!

Spilling Ink said...

OMG, those rainbow cupcakes totally have to be baked by ME!!