Saturday, January 21, 2012

snowdrops already?

21/1.2012 - snowdrop. literally.

isn't it too early for snowdrops? i spotted this one in front of the house this morning during the 20 minutes of snow we've had this year. later, rain came and washed it all away. i do wish for a proper winter, but it looks like we won't get one this year. 

i've spent the bulk of this day knitting on my ever-longer rainbow scarf. i just keep knitting since i don't know how to cast off. i'm on my 3rd skein of yarn. i've also been watching those cadfael programs on youtube (on this channel). in 9 minute snippets. it suits me well. it speaks somehow to my attention span and allows me to jump up to change the laundry or get a cup of tea or nearly die of a coughing fit and then get back to it again. 

do you think it's normal to cough (really cough, this is not some wussy cough but the kind where you eventually just throw up from it) for three weeks?

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there are pretty pictures of copenhagen on this blog
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i especially love her review of a year in pictures. 


Lost Star said...

I am wishing for winter too. I want it to be cold. I want to have to go out bundled up, not just in a jumper. It feels so weird.

With casting off, I learned how to do this from the stitch and bitch knitting book.

But I would presume you have looked into the matter already?

Of course, you could just keep knitting it forever. An endless scarf project? World record breaking?

Sammi said...

I have an image of you wearing a scarf that is still attached to a ball of yarn with needles in it whilst being bent over coughing now!

Unknown said...


Lisa-Marie said...

We have snowdrops here too - they are always out by the end of January in Scotland though. This winter, barring the gale force winds abd occasional massive drops in temperature, has been very mild. A coat and scarf is still needed most days though.

I haven't knitted for years, and I find myself yearning for it a lot recently. Time to get some needles and things!

isabelle said...

Oh!!! Thank you Julie!
And happy New year!!