Friday, January 20, 2012

what i've learned this week

20/1.2012 - genius lego business card

~ lego has the coolest business cards in the world.  name on the front, email & phone # on the back.

~ it's very in amongst the toddler set to go to great lengths to expose said toddlers to chicken pox. parents get together with a child that has the pox, then they proceed to make the children drink from the same cup as the infected child, suck on used suckers and generally embrace and kiss one another in hopes that their child too will become infected. i can tell you a lot has changed in ten years.

~ a lot of good things can happen if you just dare. (including meetings already next friday!! [insert happy dance here])

~ if you ask for feedback on something, you'd better be able to take it.

~ if you wear something fabulous, you will feel fabulous. (i didn't so much learn this as remember it.)

*  *  *

happy weekend, one and all. 


Elizabeth said...

What kinda music are you dancing too?

Unknown said...

wow, they *are* the coolest business cards in the world! Wonder if they've got any openings for an exhausted mother of 2?

Michelle said...


celkalee said...

the whole chickenpox thing has me absolutely freaking!

Sarah said...

OK, I couldn't let this go without a comment.

When I read this post on my google reader, there was an ad on the bottom for parent mental health services.

Good one, google.

I see what you did there.