Friday, December 07, 2012

happy birthday, dad!

a big happy birthday to my dad!
he's a bit older today than he was in this photo (circa 1977).

this was back in the era when he proposed that the fence post should be the state tree of south dakota.
sadly, it didn't pass.

i also recall a bet paid in pennies on that very desk on the floor of the house.
it was some mound of pennies.

happy birthday, dad.

* * *

is food a narrative medium?
here's another opinion on the subject.

* * *

wine talk - it's so pretentious, but there's also something to it - thinking deeply about pleasure.

* * *

i have long wished that i was alive and in my prime in 1913.
(who knows, maybe i was?)
here's just another confirmation that it was The Year.
at least where art and culture were concerned.
i wonder if 2013 has the same potential?
somehow i doubt it.

* * *

so many people in the world with such amazing stories.
like bryan saunders, who has drawn 8700 self-portraits - some while on various drugs.
i wasn't sure whether to be in awe or horrified.

* * *
the v board on pinterest: of course it's vikings.

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Elizabeth said...

One has to love them!!!!