Saturday, December 22, 2012

showing up to creativity

sewing, drinking tea, battling a sore throat and a head that's filling up with snot and sewing. sewing is meditative for me and i love to listen to TED talks while i sew. they cause thoughts to go off in all directions.

i really loved this one from elizabeth gilbert on the pressures and fears of the creative process - do watch it if you have time:

i think sometimes that's the problem with my own creativity - i'm not very consistent about it. i don't just show up every day and keep plugging away at it. i come at it in fits and starts. i am also increasingly aware that creativity is not a solitary process - i'm actually at my most creative in conversation and in the presence of others. and what's actually weird is that i thought i had to be alone to be creative. i vow to spend more time in the presence of other creative people in 2013.

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will said...

I think the creative process is relative. Some artist thrive surrounded by others and there are those who do their best work within tunnel vision.

I know a few painters, who when painting, will growl and curse if anyone knocks on their house door.

What pushes my button is the subject matter but I don't like doing art as an element of multi-tasking.

I might get ideas when talking with people but I do my best when I'm alone.