Sunday, December 30, 2012

husband's sawmill - the big project of 2012

december 21, 2012 

december 30, 3012

december 30, 2012 

husband built doors for his sawmill in recent days - he had two weeks off here at christmas (he starts a new job january 2) and thus lots of daylight hours. the door on the left isn't quite finished, but i imagine it won't be long. what a lot he's done...this was but a hole in the ground back in august and now it's a whole, nearly weather-proof building with a functioning band saw inside. husband is very proud of it and i'm also proud of him. i could really take a lesson from him in deciding what i want and going after it. that's the lesson i want to take into 2013.

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two new pinterest boards: caffeinated. vision walls (more about that soon). 


celkalee said...

Well I must say, amazing. The building is beautiful, who would think it held a sawmill? I see more great projects for you in 2013, Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on a great new building!

Best wishes for the year to come!

The Queens Table said...

He is pretty awesome! Happy New Year to your family!

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky lady to have such a resourceful and skilled husband. I've met a lot of women who's poor husbands can't even fix the car.

The Redhead Riter said...

Wow! That's beautiful!

My grandfather owned a lumber and building supply, so wood is a part of me. I just love, love, love the building. You have a good reason to be proud of your hubby!