Monday, December 03, 2012

when rivers of ideas begin to flow

here's what happened with my green felted stone - in fact, in this shot, it's not even dry yet.  if you recall, i used lisa's stone felting tutorial. and i fussed about worried about over-thought pondered how to make it my own. with a little viking helleristning (petroglyph), i think i managed it. i'm not done with this idea yet.

* * *

i have spent a couple of very energizing days with a friend with whom i feel very much in synch. so many ideas surfaced and best of all, it feels like there is action and impetus behind the ideas, so some of them may even materialize. i had the strangest feeling after we met last friday (what i thought would be a 2-hour meeting turned into 5 because we were so crazy in flow) felt like a dam had been released inside me and all of the pent-up ideas and thoughts i had had in recent months just began to surface and tho' they were coming quickly, it feels like it's at a pace where i can grab and examine them. some of them had been there for awhile, but some were entirely new. it was positively elating. it's odd how you can get all blocked and not even realize it until you're not blocked anymore.

* * *

things i'm pondering:
what it might mean to be a social artist
community gardens.
art walls.

* * *

i think my keyboard may be menopausal - the period is getting pretty unpredictable.
sorry. bad joke. couldn't help myself.

* * *

what's your type?
find out here.
apparently i'm architype van doesburg (a brutally fair typeface).
play the game, if only to hear the narrator's awesome accent.

* * *

1 comment:

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I love where you went with the stone and that if you look at it just right it looks like a little eskimo face instead of a viking ship. But a viking ship when you look again.

I also love that the dam broke, the idea of community gardens, and the period joke. I've got a lot of love today I guess.

I'd like to see you in those moments of the dam-breaking. I imagine the energy spilling from you to be able to encompass the entire room. Building even. Maybe more.