Wednesday, December 12, 2012


yet again, the interwebs are abuzz with what is seen as an auspicious date - 12.12.12. we won't actually see another of these in my lifetime, as there won't be a 13.13.13 or a 14.14.14 - that makes me wonder whether i've used them wisely. if a line of numbers can mean something, did i make the right wishes or do the right actions on those significant dates? or does it matter more to take the right steps every day? (one could hope so.)

but, on the off chance that it might mean something to think about and write down the things i'd like to manifest in my life here and now while the numbers are aligned, i'm going to do so today. some of it in my art journal and a little bit here. because sometimes you're just not ready to speak all of your wishes out loud. but a couple of them won't hurt, if writing is indeed the new praying.

i'm very hopeful about my business in the year ahead. it's been slow and a bit up and down this year, but we've learned a lot and have many projects buzzing on the horizon. i want to see those to fruition and be open to where they take me.

my dad will turn 80 next year and we (husband and sabin and me) want to be there for his 80th birthday. i want us to go for his birthday and stay until new year's (that's pretty much most of december). we want to travel a bit in the US while we're there - go skiing and visit friends (and sights) in the desert southwest. i'm going to work hard to be able to afford that trip - both financially and the time off it will take.

maybe these things are really just a question of setting a goal and working towards it. what do you think? will you make any wishes today?

* * *

a bit of bitterness on the rise of eBooks. frankly, i think we need to just get over it with this, see it as the democratization of the writing profession (what gets published is no longer determined by a closed group of elite publishers), and get writing.

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it seems russians (and probably a lot of others) are still struggling to understand americans.


will said...

Americans differ from Europeans when writing the numerical month/date/year. So, for you, is it 12/12/12 or 12/12/12?

julochka said...

i will admit that having lived in europe for so long, i've pretty much gone over to the european way - so 12/12/12. :-)

that said, i do occasionally still do the american way - i've done it a couple of times when setting my netbank to pay a bill..i think i'm paying it november 12 and instead it's set to pay december 11 or i think i'm paying it march 5 and it's set to pay may 3 . that can make kind of a significant difference.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the NY Times link. What an interesting article.
Wishing you the best of luck with your 'manifesto'!