Sunday, December 23, 2012

a white christmas?

it snowed heavily all day today. and the wind was blowing. it was a real blizzard. but it's stopped now and it's warming up fast. they say by midnight it'll be 6°C, so it will soon be gone and christmas probably won't be so white after all. but for today, it was.

it made it a perfect day to stay inside, do the last baking and making of christmas treats and sewing up the last gifts. we even pulled ourselves together and put up the tree. all while watching season 1 of buffy the vampire slayer on netflix. even tho' life in high school on top of a hellmouth isn't really all that christmasy, there is something deep and existential about it. i love it.

all of the preparations are done and my turkey is tucked into its brine - we'll head off tomorrow morning to spend christmas eve with family (they think christmas eve is actual christmas here and open all their gifts and eat all the food one day early). we're taking a few gifts along, but not all of them, as we'll come home already for actual christmas (hmm, maybe that early celebration isn't so bad after all). i hope we have time to take a trip down to møn's klint - that strikes me as the ideal thing to do on christmas.

speaking of existential, i give you henri the cat's worst nöel:

merry christmas, one and all!


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Veronica Roth said...

That's such a Proust cat! Love it.