Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye 2012

and the sun sets on 2012...and this is my 2012th post. i don't have anything profound to say. no big resolutions. no big revelations. no big reflections. i've read some good books this year. i've made some good food. i've had some great conversions and laughed a lot. i've done some things i previously didn't dare to do and i should undoubtedly have dared more (or believed more). i took photos every day, but i didn't really progress anywhere in my photography. i loved some cats. i spent time with horses. here at the end of the year, i went on a buffy the vampire slayer marathon (more about that soon).  in short, 2012 was another year. full of ups and downs and in betweens. i learned. i grew. i wasted some time and i used some time wisely.

perhaps a declaration is in order (tho' i'm still unwilling to call it a resolution)...i intend to believe more in 2013. and do more of following husband's example and just working on through at those moments when believing wears thin.

happy new year, one and all. may you eat good food and spend it with people who make you both think and laugh. that's what i plan to do.


Everyday Things said...

happy new year to you and your family! Love the blog!

Molly said...

Believe more... in yourself? Goodness? Inherently that everything will be ok? We'll need more on this at some point Julie ;-)
Have a wonderful evening with all those delicious sounding snacks. And loved ones of course!

Extranjera said...

Happy 2013 to you as well my friend. Could not have said it better. Life is about moments and it's better if the moments are happy and good instead of filled with doubt.

Wine is also important. And one's offspring. You know, love.

julochka said...

I think I had in mind believing in what I'm doing and pursuing and not giving backing off due to lack of belief.

Anonymous said...

happy new year!

Paula Wooters said...

I like your declaration, Julochka! And kudos on managing 2012 posts to complete 2012. An impressive achievement!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful year to come!

Anonymous said...

That believing in what you're doing thing is one of the thorniest challenges of mine this year. It's all wrapped up in confidence (or lack of) and doubt and all sorts of other scary or uncertain things. I could use a lesson on working through it.

And I've decided to approach all future endeavors with curiosity rather than resolution. It makes so much more sense to me. I like the idea of declarations too...sounds more empowering.