Thursday, December 06, 2012

boot sparkle bokeh

sorry for the long and convoluted (read: boring) entry earlier...this is where i work through stuff and try to understand it and sometimes it means you all have to suffer. but i do apologize. and i am aware it was heavy and boring (hence the links to the fun boring bits). i'll try to lay off that for awhile, tho' i can't guarantee, because there are a lot of things these days that i don't entirely understand. but i hope these bokeh-filled shots of sabin's fabulous uggs in the snow and sparkling sunshine from this afternoon might help you forget.

* * *

speaking of UGGS, there's an awful lot of ads for fakes on my facebook.
and i think that's pretty uncool of facebook.
but here's a hint: if the site wants you to pay to some random chinese guy via western union, you should interpret that as a BIG RED FLASHING LIGHT.
just don't do it.

* * *

i'm reading the second installment of ken follet's century trilogy.
and i'm hooked.
he's good at creating characters and the history feels right.

* * *

check out the first installment in lisa's fabulous stone project.
(hint: it's one of the stones i brought her last summer).

* * *

you know i love maps, but a literary map? swoon.

* * *

the u boards on pinterest: utterly fabulous. upcycling.


Sandra said...

Those are some envy-worthy boots!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the pinterest links.....looks like some lovely photos!llll.......smiles