Wednesday, January 02, 2013

kitty nurble comes home

last summer, we met the fabulous kit lane in person (it was at lisa's house - they both live in minnesota). you may know her as the inventor of bobbaloos. (she is wonderful, by the way.) and as a little joke, we presented her with a hairball extracted from the outside (not one of the thrown-up variety) of our norwegian forest cat, lila. we also gave her real gifts, so we're not totally mental. today, this little creature arrived - our very own kitty nurble - composed largely of lila-hair. a little piece of our beloved (and aging (she's 14) cat).  it was getting a bit dark when i took this, so more proper photos of it tomorrow in good light. and this is not at all a very blurry shot of frankie trying to mangle welcoming it:


small stone :: two

days shared.
sumptuous plate of healthy salad.
the unbearable lightness of being.


celkalee said...

Are you kidding me? Love it! I have a black lab that sheds like nobody's gives me ideas!

Veronica Roth said...

Oh nooo, don't start with the bobbaloos! I just barely resisted getting addicted last year. This one is so cute!