Sunday, May 26, 2013

blogs are being diluted by other social media

friday, i wrote a little ditty about the way that social media has diluted blogging over on across ø/öresund. i'll admit that i am quite guilty of it myself - i share small, ostensibly pithy thoughts on facebook in a way that i would have once shared them here in a random list. my photos go up instantly on instagram, so what i'm doing at a given moment is documented there. twitter, i use mostly to share links to blog posts and my instagram photos, but i don't hang out there much. i'd like to use google+ more and i use it to save links to things that i want to find again, because i've learned that you can't depend on facebook for that, with all of their "improvements" coming along and preventing you from seeing more than just what they deem the highlights of your own timeline. but it wasn't my intention to recap that post here...

as i visited molly's blog in order to link to her below, i stayed and caught up. because i've gotten horrible myself about properly reading all of the blogs i once loved. this is partially because people are writing less often and partly because i interact with molly regularly on facebook, so i don't have the same need to click in to see what she's said on her blog because i feel like i know what's going on with her (to the extent that facebook reflects what's actually going on in people's lives (that's probably the stuff of a whole 'nother post)). and really, that's silly. because blogs and facebook are not the same thing and there's so much more depth (usually) to a blog post than to a facebook status update. spending some time reading molly's recent posts provoked me to think and feel and reflect in ways that facebook never does (truth be told, facebook doesn't do much of anything other than make me feel passive aggressive). blogging lets us go so much deeper - into our own thoughts, our own psyches, our own patterns and processes - and gives us so much more insight, both into ourselves and others. i guess i needed that reminder. i've got to get more selective with the time i spend with social media.

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this is a bit frightening, but also hilarious:

thank you, molly.

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fascinating little miniature coffins.
i found them through mr. finch
who i am not stalking. nuh-uh.
there's a bit more about the little coffins here.


will said...

I agree. I found Facebook to be extremely repetitive, much like talking to a doddering neighbor who repeats old stories ad nauseam.

Not only that, viewing recycled images with pithy quotes or political points of view … really it’s like hammering a nail long after it’s in a board.

Facebook also reveals an abundance of slacktivism, clicktivism, malaise, tedium and a general shallowness I rather not experience.

Most importantly, Facebook is a major component of the Dark Empire which is sucking away individualism, creativity … and it has trampled the once treasured skill of thinking for one’s self … often in solitude.

julochka said...

i really agree, at the same time as i admit that i am also hooked on FB and like it for keeping me in touch and interacting with friends i'd otherwise lost/lose touch with. and with whom i don't share a bloggy world. so i feel rather divided on the whole thing. tho' i too suspect that zuckerberg is indeed a dark figure. i think i'll try to go on a FB diet.

Maggie May said...

I so agree.

Molly said...

Just catching up myself. After reading your thoughts on this on AcrossOresund (bet I'm not spelling that right) I had one of those duh, light bulb moments - if I spend less time on Facebook I'll have more time to blog!