Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the universe seems to be listening

you know how once you start thinking about something, it keeps popping up right there before you? that's what's happening with the concept of coworking for me at the moment. i also like the idea of global knowmad. what's interesting is that many of the people speaking in this piece seem to be foreigners who are apparently hanging out in oslo. i wonder what affect it's having on norwegian culture?

* * *

it's a little unlike me to share a body-image link, but somehow this piece spoke to me.
and while i was on huff post,
this piece on being more mindful in the face of technology resonated as well.

* * *

and then there was this on overcoming creative blocks.

i liked this quote:
Real creativity transcends time. If you are not producing work, then chances are you have fallen into the infinite space between the ticks of the clock where reality is created.

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