Thursday, May 02, 2013

gifts for no reason

the past week has brought a number of lovely surprises to my door. my sister's visit wasn't a surprise as we had long been planning it. what was a surprise was that she came bearing an iPad mini and a super cute owl case just for me! (THANK YOU!) it's a bit hard keeping all of the other mitts in this household off of it. i foresee another one (or two) in our near future.

on the day my family arrived, the mailman knocked on the door. he had a little square package and a pretty flat red one. we had recently ordered alfie the jacabob from the fabulous kit lane and i thought it was that. turns out the package was from kit, but inside was a little jar of liquid sunshine in the form of orange jam from the juice of oranges from the family tree (orange tree that is) in warmer climes. in the midst of the longest, most lingering winter ever, it was a very welcome surprise. and again I had a hard time keeping everyone else's mitts off of it around here. but then again, we all had need of a bit of sweet sunshine. thank you, kit! as you can see, alfie made it safe and sound as well.

the last package was from sweet tracy in south carolina. she knows of my delight in helene hanff's 84 charing cross road book and sent me the equally delightful memoir Q's Legacy, along with a to do list tablet. tracy, you know me well, thank you! i've already finished the book, tho' i tried to make myself read it slowly, it just didn't work. i so wish i had known helene in real life and been able to hang out with her. she's charming and witty and positive - everything i need in my life!

i have to say that out-of-the-blue gifts, the kind that come just for no reason, other than to indicate that you're thinking of someone are way better, in my book, than christmas and birthday gifts. thank you all for making my day (and my week and possibly even my whole month!).

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Sandra said...

Lucky you! It would be hard to keep my mitts off the orange jam.