Friday, May 17, 2013

bunnies and books

don't mess with the sugar nose
this bunny is from a litter of 6, he's the littlest one, but he looks tough anyway, doesn't he? maybe he has to be, being one of 6. i don't know why i'm calling him he, i have no idea whether he is a boy or girl. it's too hard to tell with baby bunnies what they are. often you first find it out when they have just made some more baby bunnies. do you suppose it will damage his self image if i keep calling him he and he's really a she? do bunnies care about stuff like that?

just a little of the light reading that's on my nightstand. the bottom one about technology and urban development and the environment was written by my father-in-law in 1974. you'd be amazed how well the ideas about what makes a city livable hold up. he was a brilliant man. according to goodreads, less than nothing is the most lucid zizek in years. i love the loops he takes my brain on. it's kind of like how i imagine cocaine would be, only without all of the expense and needing to have clear sinuses. it's kind of interesting to think that libraries dispense something with the capacity to make your brain high on thoughts.

lest you think i've gone completely mad, here's the lighter reading on my nightstand. i've never read raymond chandler, but murakami loves him, so how could i not give him a whirl? i'm going to try to read them in order, but i don't always have control of when the books i've ordered come in at the library, so i've ordered the first four to start with.

that celebrating the third place book is full of stories of amazing places - plant nurseries, bookshops, cafés - that people love and use. we're working on something along these lines, so i want to read all i can about great third spaces. i've ordered the book by ray oldenburg that started it all - the good great place - and am impatiently waiting for it to come so i can read the theory behind the concept. roughly, as i understand it, the first place is home, the second place is work and the third place is somewhere you want to be. it can be a café, a library, a bookshop, a bar - anywhere that people gather because they desire to be there. such places develop a life of their own and i want to find out how.

other than reading, the weekend holds a party over on the devil's island and, as it's yet another long weekend with a monday holiday, lots of time in the garden. we've got to get planting now that the night frosts seem to be gone.

what are you doing this weekend?


Bianca said...

Looking at your stacks of books makes me sigh: "so many books, so little time..." I currently switch between Quiet by Susan Cain (on introversion), The Unlikely Pelgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce and Jill Bolte Taylor's My Stroke of Insight (a brain scientist witnesses a stroke from within). So far, I like all of them.
Weekends are usually about running errands. Cleaning the house, shopping for groceries and the likes. But this weekend is a long one! So a quick trip to Brussels shall be included. Lots of strolling around the old working class neighbourhoods and fleamarkets. Should be good.

Molly said...

Bianca, I just recently finished Harold Fry and loved it!
Julie, intrigued by this concept of the third place. Looking forward to you sharing more once you've read the book you're waiting for.
And, in my experience cocaine does none of those things - just makes one think one's being scintillating and brilliant whereas actually you're just pompous and dull.