Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my beautiful people and a lot of great links

my beautiful people, i haven't shared them with you for awhile.
sabin's fancy hair colors even look cool when they're up in a bun.

and husband, despite needing a haircut (he's had one since), just gets cuter all the time.
how come the same isn't true for me?
that's kinda not fair.

* * *

happily, i wasn't watching, even tho' i do enjoy me a bit of kitsch on occasion.
it was best to learn of it through facebook updates.
and i did read a bit of the guardian's live blog of the proceedings.
that was pretty hilarious.
best quote from that came during the waiting for the votes bit:

"I'm not saying that this bit is long, but I think I just saw time detach from itself and form a spiral and slowly disappear into the universe."

i kinda like when time does that.

* * *

*sigh* - 1913 was just really my year.
i can't even imagine an intellectual avant garde art scandal happening today, can you?

* * *

still enjoying that article about whether you have to like the characters in a novel. 
mostly because of quotes like this:

I hate the concept of likeability—it gave us two terms of George Bush, whom a plurality of voters wanted to have a beer with, and Facebook. You’d unfriend a lot of people if you knew them as intimately and unsparingly as a good novel would. But not the ones you actually love. 
--Jonathan Franzen

* * *

this makes me want to draw some maps. maps of me. maps of things i love. maps of life.

* * *

ever wonder where those bloody swear words come from?
personally, i think we should bring nackle-ass back into fashion.


Veronica Roth said...

Oh no, now I want to dig out my maps and join the hand drawn map association!

Molly said...

That husband of yours really is very cute. Mine is also improving with age (I tease him he's becoming the Older Man I've always lusted after). Yummy boys :)
Oh and those maps ... aren't they just great?