Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the A&F thing is much ado about nothing

i have to start by saying that i have long loved abercrombie and fitch, from the artfully ripped jeans to the dark moodiness of their stores, with that alluring scent of buy-me that they waft through the air. i get a little light headed just thinking about it (in a good way). hell, i even once named my cats after the place. the A&F items in my wardrobe are largely sweatshirts, but one of my favorite dresses - a simple blue linen one, that i've worn to tramp through egypt, russia, morocco, turkey, greece and the balkans, as well as my own back yard is also one of theirs. these clothes are old friends - they've been with me through thick and thin, we've had good times together and we will continue to do so. they're somehow an essential part of who i am. and also of how i see myself. and want to see myself. it's also how i want to see husband, so his wardrobe has had its share of A&F items as well.

there's a tag on the inside of this sweatshirt that says, "this body is incredibly shaped to meet and exceed standards for perfection." i bought it in an A&F shop in a mall in fargo (we could ask how exclusive they really are if they are in the mall in fargo, but i digress) in 2003. it's ten years old. so what the ceo of A&F said recently isn't news. it's how A&F has always been - targeting exclusive, upscale, popular kids. like me. because i want to be that and see myself as that. and i do.

so i have to say that my feelings aren't hurt by his statement. in fact, i find it refreshingly honest. the world is full of hierarchies and most everything is aimed at one or the other place in the hierarchy. it's about marketing and target audiences and who you're trying to reach and what you're trying to sell. am i the only one watching mad men? and he was being honest - their audience is the cool the kids, the posh ones, the snobs. why is it that we can no longer admit that there are differences between people? why does the world (or maybe just the internet) get outraged by something so nonsensical and so not newsworthy (it not being news and all)? what the hell is the matter with people?

maybe it's all just a publicity stunt. but i still love my A&F sweatshirts and especially that blue linen dress. and i'm not giving them to anyone. they're part of me, part of my story, part of who i am. let the homeless have ralph lauren instead.


will said...
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will said...

Hmmm. My shirts/pullovers are from Costco, my jeans from Eddie Bauer and my shoes from REI ... stores are everywhere but these all began in Seattle. Coincidence?

Sammi said...

the statement pisses me off; i get that there are differences between people. there are rich and there are poor, and there are black and there are white people. there are people that live in the third world and people who live in the developed world. there are republicans and there are democrats.

and then there are those who are elitist, and think they are better than everyone else. and lord knows where i work i encounter them daily, people who think that because i chose not to go to uni and i chose to work in a pub. and that because i am "just a waitress" that what i do is not important. and i hate that.

but the kid that gets bullied at school because their family can't afford to clothe them in the most fashionable things and a CEO of a company essentially saying that's okay because that means their target audience is being reached. that in my world is not okay.

julochka said...

sammi - i can totally see why people are pissed off about his statement - especially in light of what a monster the man looks like, but it does seem to me that the world gets its panties in a bundle over the wrong things. this is so unimportant in the scheme of things, i wish people would get outraged by all of the rapes of young girls going on in india or by what's happening in syria. it just seems so meaningless. on top of it, people can actually do something in this case - if they don't like what he said, they can just not buy A&F clothes. they can have a personal say that way. i was just tired of the righteous indignation i've seen out there all week. and i do so love my abercrombie sweatshirt and let's face it, i'm not a twig, so their sizing isn't THAT pediatric. :-)

i totally agree that you shouldn't be belittled for making the choices you've made and i think that's a shame if it's happening. but i don't think that necessarily is part of the same thing as this frankenstein of a guy's statement.