Thursday, May 30, 2013

taking a dose of my own medicine

28/5.2013 - brainstorming

from tuesday's vision wall brainstorm.

writing is the new praying

today i erased and brainstormed again, all by myself. it's an interesting process.
some of the same things came out and some new. 
i find it's helping me hone my thinking.
we're onto something with this vision wall thing.

it came at last

and at last, this came. 
i ordered it like 3 weeks ago from the library and waited with increasing impatience.


will said...

I don't think working alone sucks. Maybe having meetings and collectiveness is ok in a widget company but art (or craft) by committee or groupism rarely is noteworthy.

julochka said...

this is about shared office space and I can tell you that I think a new dynamic will come of sharing it with other small biz owners.

and while I agree to an extent about art, there is also something very special about the energy created by a whole room full of people painting or drawing together in a studio. not having that group energy has made it hard for me to work on my torso alone, after we started the project in this amazing group creative session.

Lynne said...

I love the idea of a vision wall! And the concept of a slow brainstorm... just brilliant.
there are more and more of these shared office spaces opening up in Cape Town and I think it is an excellent idea. We have a shared office, but they are all my staff. I think the shared office where people are independent is a much more productive space.... no one is 'the boss' so people are much more free.

will said...

It's one thing to socialize with other artists, perhaps arguing and bouncing ideas while eating and drinking ... But unique creativity, that's not derivative, comes from a single mind, not the collective. Then again, despite all the protests against socialism, modern people are very much hive bound.

And, I think there's a significant difference between a classroom project and the realness of independent work.

I've known quite a few artist who will share their past work but they're vague or mum on their current and future work. Also, many of the artists I've known are fiercely independent and exhibit a selfishness that would never happen or be allowed in the cubicle hive.

One of the hardest things I struggle with is, how easy it is to be derivative. And the more I study and work the more I realize how difficult it is to make unique art. That's the real challenge for me.

julochka said...

there won't be a cubicle in sight. that's not the point.

Michelle said...

hi again - I'll share this here for others - center for social innovation - coworking site...
similar energy - and nice photos too!

Unknown said...

I was so tickled to see these brainstorms. I LOVE my coworking space - and I think you would build an amazing place & community.