Thursday, May 16, 2013

dip dye!

hot pink tips! sabin wanted to update her initial foray into the ombre world that's so hot on pinterest. in december, she had gotten the ends of her hair bleached. but after being in berlin and seeing all of the many daring haircolors on the streets, she wanted to go pink and purple.

so the ever-game sophie at sophie's salon said, sure, let's do it! and we had a consultation about what colors and how to approach it on tuesday afternoon and then the actual appointment yesterday. the bright, bright pink went on first, followed by purple.

sophie then worked the purple upwards and downwards a bit so there wouldn't be such a hard line between them. sabin had to sit super still, but unlike her mother, she's capable of that.

her new vans (courtesy of aunt monica on her recent visit) matched the wall!

and here it is, the vibrancy of the finished product! it looks super cool, even when she piles it all on top of her head into a bun. i realize there are many people who would frown on allowing a 12-year-old to get her hair colored, but i think it's awesome! i'd much rather support her in it and take her to a salon where it's done properly than have her try to do it herself and go horribly wrong. it kinda made me want a little streak of aqua in my own hair, but thus far, i'm restraining.


Veronica Roth said...

Super cute. Take pikkies of that up do next time she does it please. As a mum of pink/purple/red/green/blue...fill in the blank haired teens, I can tell you that I'm in full belief that if it's not life threatening or morally threatening I leave it and they'll grow out of it; even if it's painful for mom. :)

heidikins said...

I think this is fantastic! My sister (with white-blonde hair like me) just did this in her hair. She went a little farther up towards her scalp and used a couple of different colors of pink and lavender (less ombre, more chunky pieces) and it looks awesome!

Yay for pink and purple hair!


SH -ic said...

like the colours .. good choice Sabin did ..

Unknown said...

That looks amazing! I'm totally with you on this one. Much better to support their choices and make sure they know they're supported than something far worse happening in rebellion.

I'd love to have Sabin's hair. The receptionist at our local community centre has short cropped hair that has whitened with time, but she's added a vibrant but somehow subtle streak of pink to her fringe. She totally rocks it.

Spilling Ink said...

After my own foray into the pink haired existence I hoped that my daughter would follow suit but nooooo, she has to stay all natural. I feel it's all a little back to front.

Michelle said...

This is fun - I keep saying I missed my own pink hair moment, because, in the 80's, the only way you could have pink hair was to work in a "record shop", if you know what that is. So - when my daughter was 5 (not even 12!) we got some semi-permanent pink and dyed her bangs/fringe a baby pink. At 6 she choose a light purple. I'm living through my daughter, but that's another post on freud or therapy or something. thanks for sharing - go TEENs and TWEENS and enjoy the freedoms of innocuous things like hair colour! Why were we held back with thinking that coloured hair was so extreme and pointed to delinquency in the 80"s??

will said...

So, how do you feel about piercings and tats?