Thursday, November 21, 2013

30 days of lists: day 21

my own personal food pyramid. there's a solid base of tea, coffee and wine (i should have put it in that order). then the second layer are the things i frequently make for dinner - stir-frys (stir fries looked wrong), omelettes, soup and quiches. then comes our new favorite cheese - a fabulous french sheep milk cheese called petit basque. so good. a bit pricey, but completely worth it. and then sushi on top. i love sushi, but don't get to eat it that often now that we live in the countryside. there are a lot of veggies and fruit too, but they weren't as humorous.

* * *

human architecture by spencer tunick. 

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Magpie said...

if you ever come across a cheese called La Tur, buy it. It's delightful.