Friday, November 01, 2013

a november project

my fellow minifigure-obsessed friend lost star did a fun 30 days of lists project back in september. i went through her flickr set and wrote down all of the list prompts and i'm going to play along here in november, which is usually a dark and dreary month, so i needed some inspiration. plus, it's a good excuse to use both this little atc card holder that i bought back in the scrap-obsessed era and never really used and my fabulous old typewriter.

i'll leave you with some yummy links and wishes for a good weekend...

* * *

so inspired by the business model of this norwegian clothing line. 

* * *

i want the traveling library of sketchbooks to come to my town.

* * *

what will you be remembered for?

* * *

i'm digging on souther salazar's art.

* * *

don't you love when you stumble across a wonderfully harmonious pinboard?


Lost Star said...

Awesome. They're doing another one in December too...

Elizabeth said...

maybe you can organize the start of a sketchbook collection at the kulturhus by having a course or finding someone who want to give it ....

enjoy your weekend.


Unknown said...

Your photos always provoke such strong feelings and ideas. You choose them well! I have a sketchbook in one of those collections. I think it was in 2010. It took a LONG time to fill the pages. I wouldn't do it again... but it was fun to participate once. Your title gave me pause today... I'm feeling like there never really truly is a perfect moment of pure clarity, is there? (sigh)

Veronica Roth said...

That's such a cool idea with the index cards. Love it.

Lisa-Marie said...

THis is such a good idea. When I am done blogging New York, I might steal it for January if you don't mind.

I've added your list of links to my sunday reading list!

rayfamily said...

I Love that card holder!! my sister in law got Sid a Sketchbook for Christmas two years ago. She had a short story traveling with the project on its 2012 tour...such a cool thing!