Monday, November 04, 2013

no need to waste time on the weekend

30 days of lists - day 4: favorite time wasters

i could have added glee to this list. i've been watching it most of the weekend. tho' i don't sit down to watch, i carry the little iPad around and watch while ironing and cooking and loading the dishwasher and folding laundry and doing a thorough cleaning of our bedroom (it was high time) and untangling all of my necklaces, which had been severely tangled by kittens. so i guess it wasn't really a waste of time. tho i'm well into season 2, i think i'm really mostly watching for the singing (i've always been a fan of musical theatre). the characters are caricatures and the situations quite absurd and the manipulations, oh, the manipulations, make me tired. but those kids can sing. it's not going to be one where i rush to find other sources for episodes not yet available on netflix, i can tell you that, but it was good to have as company while cleaning.

we turned all of the apples from our tree and two of a neighbor's trees into 30 liters of cider. it has an alcohol potential of 6%, so the apples were pretty sweet! half of the house and the back terrace were permeated with the sweet smell of apples. both husband and i feel so industrious working on such a project. even tho' all i really did was wash all those apples, husband crushed them and pressed them in his big apple press. he's already planning improvements in the design for next year. i have a big jar of the crushed apples in the pantry, fermenting into apple cider vinegar. these experiments in homesteading are conscious moments of happiness for both of us. we're looking forward to tasting and then bottling the cider in a few weeks.  

roasted cauliflower agnolotti pillows #funinthekitchen

i tried my hand at making agnolotti (basically a fancy name for a little gnocchi-sized ravioli), using this recipe. they were a big success and i even have two bags of them in the freezer for another couple of meals. i made a sage brown butter instead of cilantro because it seemed more autumnal, plus i had sage and no cilantro left in the herb bed. i highly recommend them. they are time-consuming but pretty easy to make. and they'll impress the socks off your guests (provided you'd like them to lose their socks, that is). i know i've said it before, but my moments of conscious happiness often take place in the kitchen.

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if you put this longitude & latitude into google earth and zoom in, you will see something interesting:
16° 51′ 55″ N, 11° 57′ 10″ E
read more about it here.

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here's wish you all a happy and productive week.
may all your phone calls be good news.


will said...

Ironing? Really? Very retro.

julochka said...

Bill, usually husband does it, but when it's tea towels, i do it. i find it oddly relaxing.

Ariadne said...

Thanks for the memorial story!How sad!AriadnefromGreece!

heidikins said...

Lately I've also found myself happiest in the kitchen and up to my elbows in some new recipe I'm trying out. Love this post, thanks for sharing/defining my own happy place. :)