Monday, January 06, 2014

a few of my favorite things

inspired by npr's favorite things piece, i give you a few of my favorite things.  1) little felted amanita by lisa. 2) the chicken-suit guy minifigure that started my whole minifigure madness. 3) herbert the bobbaloo by the fabulous kit lane. 3) my faces brooch by cathy cullis. 4) ohrid pearl earrings i got at lake ohrid in macedonia years ago. 5) my twiggy silver ring, made by a jeweler in frederikssund (where we used to live) and given to me for christmas by husband 5-6 years ago. 7) whirling dervish ink drawing from istanbul.

and this is actually different than my earlier likes/dislikes post. really it is. because these are things and some of that list was food. and feelings. and abstract stuff like queueing manners and the temperature of tea.

a big closer view of the rings and the earrings
why not share some of your favorite things too? it's actually rather fun to gather them up and arrange them and think about them. i was having a rather crap day, what with a facebook feed full of ignorant, racist, homophobic bible thumpers, the continuing refusal by post denmark to release our christmas presents and the grey, rainy weather. but thinking about my favorite things, plus a surprise lottery windfall of 3400 kroner (and i thought husband was nuts to create that online lottery account) and a lunch date later in the week with my new boss turned it right around. the weather may not have improved, but my mood definitely did.

please let me know in the comments if you do share some of your favorite things. i'd love to see them!

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Molly said...

Posting now. You know I can't resist one of these ...