Sunday, January 19, 2014

scenes from a weekend on the west coast of denmark

i went away for a weekend drink & draw with my posse of amazing women who make me laugh. we borrowed a wonderful summer house and stayed up very late learning to crochet, talking, laughing and drinking a bit too much wine, gajol (a licorice-flavored tipple), laphroaig and gin cocktails. we also ate some amazing food. but i'm pretty exhausted, so i'll have to tell you all about it soon. these photos of our walk down to the beach, where the north sea was crashing to shore with strangely yellowish-brown rather angry-looking waves, will have to suffice for now. and i totally want that little steep-roofed magical fairytale house in the last photo, don't you? it was quite amazing, coming up over the dunes to see it. kind of like stumbling onto how i imagined denmark would look in reality, after all these years.

here's hoping your weekend was amazing too.


Veronica Roth said...

Nice! How come you get all the heart shaped beach rocks!?! We never get them here. And who built the giant cement thingie with the square in it and how did it get into the surf...standing up too? Wow, I'd never stop exploring and collecting things if I were there. :)

julochka said...

@Veronica - it's funny, sometimes there are loads of <3 stones and sometimes not. just before New Year's, there were NO stones at all on the beach and this time (tho' it was a different beach, further north), there were loads! And that cement thing is one of those souvenir German bunkers that they left behind after WWII. the Danish west coast is littered with them. i find them oddly picturesque. it feels like an encounter with history, even if it's not the nicest of histories.