Thursday, January 09, 2014

being a consumer is exhausting

sabin decided she wanted to use her savings on a PS3 yesterday, so we ran around in search of one. after fortifying ourselves with starbucks (as one does, if one can), we went from electronics store to electronics store, looking for PS3 consoles. we hadn't done proper research and ended up getting one with only 12GB. we also bought that little big planet game and GTA (woo hoo, i'm a resourcestærke forældre, you know). we got it home and sabin hooked it up and found that it was too little memory for GTA to even load! waah! why do they even sell such a small playstation and who can use it? (tho' it explains why it was so cheap.)

so today, after a bit of research into external hard drives, i ran around seeing if i could find one. i was talked out of trying by a pimply earnest kid in an electronics store (why are they always like that). and felt harried and run ragged by all of the dashing around.

it didn't help that i've been back and forth to the vet 4 times in two day with five different cats. two were neutered, one spayed and all of them vaccinated. two are on the pill now. dang, cat birth control is exhausting.

and on one of the trips past a bicycle shop towards the vet, we stopped and bought sabin a pretty new yellow bike. once i start my job in february, i won't be home to play chauffeur to sabin at her whim, so she needed a new bike that fits her (she's grown a lot). they were on sale (or at least they pretended to be by listing a high price and a less high price on the sign). it's a super cool neon yellow city bike. i'll take photos soon. it was pissing down rain and blowing today and not a fit day outside for man nor beast nor trying out a bike nor photographing it.

it's 16 days from the child's birthday and so far this month, she's gotten an iPhone 5S (you have to grab them while they're in stock), a PS3, two games for it, and a new bicycle. at this rate she'll have nothing to open on her actual birthday.

and tomorrow, i've got to run and take the damn PS3 back and trade it for one with 500GB so we can actually play our games. grr. i've gotten completely out of the habit of being a consumer and i'm beginning to think that's a good thing.


will said...

I'm a bit concerned with the words "our games". Intervention might be needed because its a scientific fact, vid games re-wire the cerebral cortex and the only cure is massive dosages of gin and LSD. Really.

julochka said...

luckily, i've already got the gin part down. :-)

Kamana said...

my daughter turns 12 in two weeks. she was hinting heavily about a ps3 this morning.