Thursday, January 02, 2014

auto awesome

google+ has a really cool newish feature. when you upload photos to a picasa album (like blogger does automatically, right here on this blog), google+ will sometimes give you a little "auto awesome" update in the right hand corner of your g+ page. sometimes, they have made a little moving gif of your photo (as above) and other times, they have made the shiny bits of it sparkle, like this one:

i loaded the photos of the bordbombe (table bomb) to picasa on purpose, hoping g+ would do this (i'm not sure how to make it do it) and was glad when it recognized them as a series suitable for a gif. i think it's pretty cool and even agree that it is indeed aptly named. what will google think of next?


Lost Star said...

Now that is cool! :)

Lisa-Marie said...

I love auto-awesome, it made my Christmas tree pics sparkly!

will said...

What they're doing is a variation on Glass and the glittery sparkly things are spying on you. And if you're interesting enough you'll show up either at the NSA hq or simply on YouTube.