Sunday, January 05, 2014

mossy wonderlands

i know with the states in the throes of an extreme cold snap, it seems a little out of place to complain about mild temperatures (our forecast high for tomorrow is 10°C/50°F) , but i really think we could use a bit of winter. however, yesterday afternoon, when i went down to the forest to help husband load up a bunch of firewood he'd been working on, i was happy to have my camera along and happy the landscape wasn't covered in snow, because it meant these amazing little mossy wonderlands were there to see if you were willing to get down on the ground with your macro lens. i find them to be such impossibly magical little architectural constructions, it seems strange that they are plants. i do often wonder if i've just scared away the fairies or perhaps a pixie or two, but i never seem to catch sight of any, to my eternal disappointment.


Molly said...

I want the photo of you taking these photos :)

nacherluver said...

I adore moss! Thank you for sharing these pictures! Sure felt good to gaze at if even for a moment. If I turn around in my chair, I can gaze out my window at the winter landscape where we are currently experiencing wind chills of -42 degrees and dropping! Yes. The moss pictures felt good.

Sammi said...

it was 13c here today. i don't think it was that warm all summer!