Wednesday, January 29, 2014

getting creative with springbok

a couple of weeks ago at the fabulous leather store, i bought a dyed purple springbok hide with the intention of making a purse similar to one i bought in cape town ages ago. it took awhile to screw up the courage to cut into it, but yesterday, i took the plunge.

i let the natural shape of the leather determine the size of my purse, so it's rather long and skinny and i suppose i'll easily lose things down in the bottom of it, but i'm so happy with how it came out, that i don't really care. i lined it with super soft kid leather, also in deep purple and it has a pocket for my phone (i haven't found a good way to photograph that, so i can't show you). i used the same soft leather for the strap and because it came out a little long and i didn't have a buckle to make it adjustable, i just tied a knot in it.

so as not to let the scraps go to waste, i sewed up a very simple little wallet as well. again, using the natural nap of the fur on the hide. i love how it turned out too.

i have boots that match this, but i need to get the zipper repaired and haven't gotten around to that. i'll have to do so now.

the leathers i'm working with are so soft that i can use my ordinary sewing machine and a sturdy, thick needle made for top-stitching. a denim needle works too. it does make me think that i eventually need a real leather sewing machine, tho', as then i could get even more adventurous.

i had a few other scraps from a previous project and i made another little wallet in another version, for business cards. i wish i'd had enough left for a case for my iPad mini, but alas, the scraps are too narrow for that. maybe next, i'll make a little keychain of some of the other scraps. amazing how your mind starts coming up with more and more ideas once you just get started (i should really try to remember that).


Veronica Roth said...

Oh wow, that looks fantastic Julie. Now I want to make something with leather! :) An iPad case sounds just right!

Veronica Roth said...

Oops, totally forgot that I actually have to go and get some leather to make anything with

Feisty Harriet said...

I love the wallet! The front flap reminds me of some emo kid's over-the-eyes haircut, in the most awesome kind of way. :)


Unknown said...

As a member of SSUNIS, that's Save the Springbok Use Naugahyde Instead Society .. I strongly protest the use of a defenseless Springbok for anything other than taking his/her photograph.