Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the madness continues - new minifigures from the lego movie

one of our local grocery stores has the latest series of minifigures from the lego movie. and tho' it's less than a week until i start at lego, i couldn't resist. but take a look - could you have resisted?

wild west wyldestyle

scribble-faced bad cop (i love his scribble face)
he's got a bad cop face with sunglasses on the other side.

abraham lincoln

taco tuesday guy

emmet - he's the hero of the movie (as i understand it)

wiley fusebot. he's got an awesome daniel boone hat with a racoon tail.

mrs. scratchen-post - check out the cat hair on her clothes!

panda guy (i really wanted him).

where's my pants guy (i understand he has a reality program in the movie).

marsha queen of the mermaids.
love her blue hair and silver lipstick.

and i couldn't resist a shot of marsha from the back.


Veronica Roth said...

Oh no! That panda looks like the panda from the panda cheese commercials!

julochka said...

it does look like the panda cheese panda (who i had never heard of until now). :-)