Friday, January 03, 2014

random friday thoughts in the haze of a headache

three days of headache in a row. at first, i chalked it up to too many new year's eve libations, but now that we're on day 3, it's just a really, really pesky headache. i'm impatiently waiting for my new job to begin and feel in a state of limbo anyway, so it kind of fits. so i putter around, doing laundry, knitting, reading a bit, pinning on pinterest, perusing the interwebs and just generally not getting out of my pajamas. so, i thought i'd share a few of the things i've stumbled across, as well as my knitting progress:

there's a new blogging platform called marquee. it's in beta. i love the very clean, simple look of it and the way it scrolls. i discovered it through narratively, they're using it for their platform. i requested an invitation (they're still at that stage) and just got it, so i'm going to play around. i'm thinking of using it as a place for more creative writing endeavors, rather than therapy, like around here. i'll link you up once i'm ready. but in the meantime, check it out and request an invitation, it just might be the next best thing.
* * *

and speaking of, read this story about how hard it really is to give it all up and move to a farm.

* * *

my sister sent me a link to a new blog called soundtrack of a life. it's only a couple of days old, but already i like the premise...storytelling and conjuring of memories through songs. it wasn't that long ago that the storyteller made me think about this whole way that songs are intertwined with memories (or is it memories with songs?).

* * *

i'm off to make salmon and spinach quiche for dinner. happy weekend everyone!

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