Monday, September 29, 2008

wondering on a monday morning

what will the week hold? a steaming pot of tea. autumn sunshine. crisp air. an exhilarating early morning bike ride. taking the train into the city for an interesting meeting. a trip to oslo later in the week. milky strong lattes. anticipation. excitement. liminality. potential. time stretching before me.

and i wonder:

  1. how long will i obsessively keep track of that little plastic thingie that protects the end of the power cord on my macbook pro?
  2. will i finish all of the half-finished articles i have written with only self-imposed deadlines?
  3. what will be the october happiness the indian gentleman in singapore promised? what if i don't see it for what it is and miss it!
  4. will the new order in the bedroom, where i work, lead to a new order in my mind?
  5. why are the country's cats attacking the country's postmen? and how silly do those guys feel when they go back and tell people (which they must have done or it wouldn't have been on the radio news)?
  6. will obama manage to beat mccain and save the US from what appears to be certain irrelevance?
  7. why can't i open that silly mac paint pot in moss? (that's mac cosmetics, not computers.)
  8. i need new glasses. (not so much wondering as a statement.)
  9. if i will find time this week to make myself a little coin purse.
  10. what i will do when i run out of murakami books that i haven't read.
what are you wondering this monday?


tangobaby said...

Wow. That's impressive. I can't even figure out what I'm having for dinner later.

I think politics is rotting my brain. Perhaps if I stop thinking about it, I can fill my mind with other cool thoughts, like you are doing. I want to see your coin purse!

Glenn Kachmar said...

This is what I wonder:

~ do fish get thirsty?
~ will humans ever learn from their mistakes?
~ where do the socks go in the dryer? (OK I know it's a cliche, but I have a small apartment and if the socks were just getting lost, they would turn up eventually. I still lose them now and then.)
~ would a cat from China meow in a language that a cat from Canada would understand and if so, why?
~ will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
~ will we ever learn to truly read thoughts and if so, can it please coincide with historic progress in the area of the government's control of privacy (I read 1984 and I don't like where it goes with this idea)?
~ why are most humans so self-centered?
~ how would bacteria plan for a family reunion?
~ why can we put a man on the moon, yet The Origin of the Species is still considered controversial?
~ why do we like the foods that are the unhealthiest for us (actually I know the answer, but it's still a great question)?
~ will some anthropologist from the future read these questions somehow?
~ why aren't there more amphibians (it is the most disappointing group of vertebrates)?
~ why do the voices in my head stop when I take my meds?

julochka said...

tangobaby--i'm totally with you on the politics rotting the brain thing..but there's another month to go!!

glenn--totally love your list. and i too wonder about the socks. i think they slip through eddies in the space-time continuum. :-)

Glenn Kachmar said...

That's it - the space-time continuum! But wait, what if euclidean space perception is wrong and there really is a fourth dimension that is not time? That would mean that my socks could be in the fourth dimension. I have to make a machine that will convert my physical body into four dimensions. Need more caffeine . . .

(Yeah, I know I need to get out more - don't say it.)