Friday, February 20, 2009

evidence of creativity

molly at ohfortheloveofblog is working on doing 100 creative things in 2009. i said (kind of awhile ago) that i would participate in this endeavor and while i'm good at taking photos of all the stuff i make, i'm not so good at counting (i'm a LITERATURE person and literature people are not math people). but, i thought i might make it easier on myself by posting a picture of all of the evidence of creativity in my life since january 1 and thereby be able to count it all. a few caveats: i will count drawings, but not photographs, tho' i do think that photos are a product of creativity (at least some of them) and i will count especially creative cooking, because i believe it's undervalued in general. and i will also count only things that are finished, not works in progress (of which there are many) here goes:

1.  drawing of new embroidery thread

2.  painted and arranged new shelves (yes, i think this counts, it took me hours)

3.  sabin's birthday invitations - made with gocco printer

4.  pipe cleaner flowers  - made together with sabin

5.  countless inspired dinner salads (which i will count as one, tho' i make one pretty much daily)

6.  crafty blog banners

7.  sabin's robot birthday cake

8.  this was a really inspired burger, so i think it counts

9.  many wintery root vegetable-based soups

10.  orange lap quilt (made together with karoline, husband's oldest)

11.  teal/lime quilt made from ikea fabrics

12.  squares for the bushfire charity quilts

13.  valentine's day red velvet cupcakes

14.  googly-eyed snowman (he is but fleeting creativity, but creativity nonetheless)

15.  i've been drawing quite a bit of's a peacock i did and might still color in...but i'm counting him because i like him as a pencil drawing as well and i think if i do a colorful one, i'll just draw it with the colored pencils from the beginning.

16.  fabric cover for my food processor

17.  my new blog banner and the new one i put up over on just know where you are. i'll only count them as one, because all i really did was change the pix and the font.

looking through the folders, i can see that i have at least as many projects underway--sewing, knitting, papercraft, painting, little clay houses, even some bread dough that's rising as we "speak," so i'd better get cracking. are you creating something this weekend?


Molly said...

nice haul!
I bet my productivity will up in our winter when I'm housebound more ; )
Gorgeous things Julie, you have the knack!

beth said...

YOU are a crafty one !!! and obviously fill all your minutes in a day !!!

Char said...

I am always in awe of people that are so crafty and clever

Meri said...

Love the new banner. I'm going out this morning to be my hairdresser's creative project and taking my camera for a bit of mischief afterwards.

Barb said...

Aren't you just the crafty little mavin!! Barb xo

Delwyn said...

What a good idea to count your creative endeavours - its amazing just how much we can accomplish without realizing.

I love the cover for your appliance - got me thinking now...

Magpie said...

That's an impressive array.