Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

isn't friday the 13th supposed to be unlucky? i think someone forgot to notify it today, because it's been a great day.  my house is clean and sparkling and a lovely young polish girl did it so i didn't have to. the sun shined today, which reminded that when it's there, the light is wonderful!

sabin's big sisters were here, so i scarcely heard a peep out of her today, which left me much peace to sew and read and take pictures and generally enjoy the clean house. have i mentioned the clean house? it's absolutely amazing what a relief it is to have someone come and clean. if i'd known this before, i'd have done it a long, long time ago.

so, on this friday the 13th, i feel extremely, thoroughly grateful for my sweet new cleaning girl, sylvia. and the sunshine. what are you grateful for today?


Tara Thayer said...

You just go on and keep rubbing it in about that clean, peaceful house. No, really. Enjoy it. I'm happy for you.
School's out for ten days in these parts. (That's after the two weeks of sick days...)

I love the daisy picture, though.
And I'm grateful for the sunshine today, too.
Take care! tt

will said...

Grateful? We're having tostadas tonight. That's enuff grateful for one day.

Laura Doyle said...

Aaahhh...clean house. There's just nothing quite so satisfying.

I got home from work a couple of minutes ago to find a surprise box full of goodies from Tangobaby. Yay! I got my print! Totally grateful for surprises in the mail. And my husband who's cooking me dinner. ; D

Molly said...

I think yours was a good one 'cos Fri 13th was so busy down here.... And ironically my anti-Fri 13th post is all about how I didn't have any household staff!
However when I'll get to that post remains to be seen...
Enjoy your clean house, I'm off to scrub my bathrooms.
Guess I'm grateful I have bathrooms. I guess.
; )

Just Jules said...

I am grateful for love that continues to grow and get better with time. We are learning to love everyday and don't take each other for granted. However, we celebrate Valentine's on the 13th - Lucky Me!