Thursday, February 12, 2009

happy birthday, darwin!

i didn't realize it 'til today that husband and darwin have the same birthday, but when i think about it, it makes so much sense.

i went to a darwin exhibition today at the natural history museum (zoologisk museum) in copenhagen and here's what i saw:

i totally have a thing about lucy:

and how cool is the ichthyosaur?

and just imagining darwin's travels...

the level of thinking required is mind-blowing
and in my humble opinion,
simply not happening today
(tho' i hope i'm wrong about that)

and sabin got the opportunity to be a mini-scientist.
i know that tangobaby is proud:

more stories of this tomorrow, because there are so many thoughts that were provoked by this exhibition and on this auspicious day--husband's birthday, our 10th anniversary and darwin's 200th birthday. what a day!


Char said...

that is a lot rolled up into one day. I look forward to more. I like Lucy too.

Magpie said...

Lincoln's birthday too.

tangobaby said...

You know that last photo is my favorite.

Happy Darwin Lincoln Anniversary Birthday!

Janni said...

Happy birthday to husband!! :-)