Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tweet tweet

just had to share this--apparently this is what lego's business cards look like these days. learned about it on twitter. which is, incidentally, where BBC World said they learned about today's turkish airlines crash in amsterdam--they heard of it first on twitter--and the first picture they had of it came from twitpic. image above came from here.

and just when i thought i was so over twitter. i guess i'll hang on awhile more.


Molly said...

Dig it!
I'm so going to get out my old lego figurines and print my numbers on them.
We've just named the puppy Lego and seems we're bang on trend as Lego accessories and branded products are being re-launched.
Who knew we were so cutting edge?

Dutchbaby said...

I adore this! You sent me on a lovely journey of creative business cards when I clicked on your link.

Thanks for your comments on Twitter; the last thing in the world I need now is another addictive habit.

Char said...

hilarious - I never use twitter that much. now is it something else to be addicted to? LOL

hele said...

they are so cool.

i loved the post about your daughter and her school, it makes me feel like moving to your part of the world.

i hope you are sleeping like a log once again.

(the word verification for this comment: yeservic)

Amanda said...

That's the BEST business card evah! I want one even though I don't work for lego. Maybe because we OWN so many legos I could have one.

Bee said...

BBC World heard Real News over Twitter! That amazes me. I've never checked out Twitter -- being too afraid of developing another time-sucking obsession -- and I guess that I thought that it was pretty much just idle chatting.