Saturday, February 14, 2009

how awesome is this?

tia, whose gorgeous and inspiring quilting i found on flickr, has put together the bushfire quilt project. she invited quilters from all over the world to make "wonky star" quilt squares and send them to her. she and a team of quilters she has standing by will sew them up into quilts for the victims of the recent fires in australia.

although i'm a very new, green quilter, i have put together a couple of wonky stars and intend to make a few more this weekend (it was that easy) and send them off to her down in oz early next week.

go, check out the bushfire flickr group and see the amazing work quilters from everywhere are doing to help victims of these tragic fires. and if you want to make some too, all of the info is there on the flickr group , including where to send your squares. and if you need help, like i did, to make wonky stars, there's an awesome tutorial here on the silly boodilly blog. i used it and had two stars made up of scraps from pillows and my first quilt in no time, although i'd never made them before.

this is the exactly the sort of thing that makes me love the blogosphere. although very remote from the fires, through social networking, we're able to come together and do something both creative and kind from across the planet. i think that's so cool. i hope that if you're of a quilting bent, you might consider making some wonky stars as well!

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Char said...

wonderful idea - I'll have to pass this idea along to my quilting friend.