Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sleep deprivation

i didn't sleep well last night. that happens sometimes. it's like i forget how to sleep. but it passes. when i get tired enough. my mind always goes a little wonky when i'm sleep deprived, but i suppose that's not unique. since i wouldn't want you to miss out, i thought i'd share some of the thoughts rants ramblings that have gone through my mind this afternoon:

  1. i started yet another sewing project without finishing any of the others that i have started. i wonder if there are meds for this. it seems that what i like is cutting into the fabric, which is strange because my new sewing machine is wonderful and i love to sew with it.
  2. i'm reading christian jungersen's the exception in the original danish--undtagelsen. and in telling amanda about it, and looking it up on amazon, i realized that i actually HAVE the book in english, so why am i slogging through the danish? the book came highly recommended by our best friends and i'm 82 pages in and hate all of the main characters. they're self-absorbed, righteous, and totally unappealing. how will i tell my friends? and how will i ever finish it? will i like them better (the characters, not the friends) if i switch to english?
  3. if you check your flickr stats, your viewing goes WAY up on monday, after the weekend. that must mean there are a whole lot of people on flickr during work hours.
  4. i wonder if there's a cocktail that goes with pancakes?
  5. back to flickr. i am completely mystified as to what causes a picture to be popular because i think it has nothing to do with the quality of the actual photograph. case in point:  i discovered a group the other day called stick figures in peril. i thought that was such a hilarious idea that i dug out a picture of a stick figure in peril that i took several years ago in phuket. (goodness knows that if a stick figure is indeed going to find itself in peril, phuket is definitely where it will happen.)  and so i joined the group and posted it. that picture has had 593 views since i uploaded it on friday or was it saturday and has skyrocketed to my second most viewed photo behind the one that the moo people sent out in their december newsletter. and it's not even a very good picture, it's just funny. 
i think we all hope i get a good night's sleep and am back to normal tomorrow. whatever that is.


Just Jules said...

that is how I feel in my morphine induced hangover (see blog for explanation!)

Things are just a blur from my brain to my mouth and from my eyes to my brain - wacky! (can you tell?)

Thanks for the moo link though ;)

I will stop writing now, it is probably safer that way

tangobaby said...

You and me both, lady. 'Cept you're way more talented since you're reading books in Danish when you can.

And now I have to start taking photos of Stick People to get popular?! Forget it. I was so thrilled when my Indra photo got seen by 300+ people but now I just think I'll hang it up.

Don't mind me, I didn't sleep too well either. Get some rest.

tangobaby said...

I just looked at that photo again. It's pretty effing hilarious! I'm so tired I didn't fully appreciate it the first time.

Phuket must be amazingly crazed.

Char said...

I never worry much about the popularity thing because what I like is never what everyone else seems to comment on....weird, right? I think a lot of people only flickr at work because they don't want to waste the weekend on the computer.

sorry you didn't sleep well - I didn't either with the blast furnance killing me.

Unknown said...

It must have been the night for insomniea...add me to the list. I had just drifted off and was jurked back awake by the sound of gun fire...CLOSE! I checked on others in my house, all were fine, but sleep must have taken a holliday because I sure couldn't find it!...Maybe we all need to re-set our body clocks and make a few adjustments? I hope you find pease and sweet sleep tonight my friend, I myself have a date with my favorite pillow in about an hour...lol

soulebel said...

Dude I think It's kinda a mental reset. I do it on purpose every few months or so. stay up for 48 hourse, and It's like everything starts moving in slow motion, or maybe that's just my brain, but I have moments of clarity, and m83 station on my Pandora surround sound sounds cool as hell with the lights off. it makes me happy!? lol