Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday morning meme

since this is going to be a day of running errands, i thought i'd do this funny meme that's been making the rounds of facebook--yes, memes have comes to facebook, which i find more than slightly disturbing. and then i saw that sebrina did it on sunmamma and so i thought what the heck. it made me laugh.

what you do is type "(your name) needs" into google search and you list the things that it comes up with:

  1. julie needs your help (ha!)
  2. julie needs high fiber content (no doubt)
  3. julie needs to work on her parenting (for sure!)
  4. julie needs paper pleasing ideas (how does google KNOW these things?)
  5. julie needs a new pair of shoes (amen, sister!)
  6. julie needs a boyfriend (not so much)
  7. julie needs an early start.
  8. julie needs the science of running (now there's a laugh)
  9. julie needs a(nother) new home (this appeared to be about a spayed grey tabby female cat)
  10. julie needs prayers and good vibes (don't we all?)
if you're feeling lazy on saturday, please play along. :-)


Sandra said...

I've seen it on Facebook. Maybe I'll give it a try. Paper pleasing ideas. hmmmmm.

Just Jules said...

What a great idea for a Saturday. However, I am knee deep in the South Dakota tourism sites... someone gets paid big bucks to make little things sound grand (wait it is SD, they don't get paid big bucks ;)

wv= fingjfku (j is silent)
swear word for trip planning frustration. Namely when planning meals on the road.
Used in sentence:
Fingjfku! It is impossible to figure out what to eat the day we go to Mt. Rushmore!

julochka said...

sandra--i know, it's a little weird.

jules--you eat in the saloon in keystone. atmosphere and an excellent burger.

Char said...

it's a rainy day here today but I have to clean house. this sounds like more fun than cleaning the house.

d smith kaich jones said...

I'm playing here.

So Deborah needs . . .

1. . . to grab a seat on the clue bus (probably true, but it's from the Democrat Underground, and they would so not want me on their bus. LOL!)

2. . . a pink bus (hmmm . . . another bus reference)

3. . . a change of scenery (aha! the bus references make sense!)

4. . . to start eating cheeseburgers again (can't do cheese, so I think not)

5. . . a friggin life (are they reading my mind?)

6. . . help w/whole words :)

7. . . a saddle (well, I am
a Texan through & through, but have no horse)

8. . . more money NOW (yes indeedy)

9. . . to bite some chumps (huh?)

And my very favorite:

10 . . . some chicken soup - here, I'll pull down the covers & you help her get undressed . . . (yes, that's me laughing in the backround. This is from flirty.tribenet. I'm scared to look at their website! LOL!)

Fun stuff for a Saturday. Gotta send this to my niece.

:) Debi

Bee said...

The very first one I saw was "Beth needs to go back to school."

Just this morning I heard a really inspiring educator and I thought (as I have thought many times) that I should go back to school for my British teaching qualification. But then I remember the bit about grading papers and student discipline . . .

iasa said...

Apparently my name is synonymous with some business acronyms. However

iasa needs ... Tao for contracted services

Dutchbaby said...

I just finished mine! Thanks, Julie, that was fun!