Thursday, February 26, 2009

we are prepared to be radical

lynne shared this amazing you tube video with me this week. i find this house utterly mind-blowing and so inspiring. i seriously wish i'd seen this before we built all that we built in the past year. but somehow, it opens up my thinking even more than just about buildings--it seems to throw out all preconceived notions and just makes me want to rethink everything. i want to look at the world in an entirely new, fresh way. don't you love finding something that provokes you to think in that way?

* * *
report of yesterday's trip to the royal theatre in copenhagen:

far:  how was the theatre today, sabin?

sabin:  not good. all they did was mime and dance ballet. 

so much for giving the child a taste of "high" culture.


Maggie May said...

the title is completely wonderful.

Lynne said...

it was that sentence in the video that stood out for me too (hence our duplicate titles)!
It just makes me want to scream in frustration because most of us are so restrained and standardised in our thinking. And I include myself in that.
I feel like walking outside and screaming "forward! to a radical future!!" but I doubt anyone will listen.

Delwyn said...

Julochka - you are on line as much as I am today!

I live in a pretty much glass house we built 20 years ago, but this one here is very clever for the climate and seasons.

nicole said...

I love houses as much as I love innovation so this post was a huge hit with me- thanks to you and your efforts; I have a new view of the world today:)

Dutchbaby said...

How heartwarming it must have been to have read the words and then to be able to realize a dream. Great advice, Julie!

Char said...

I'm with Sabin about the mime - not so great but I would love to see some ballet

paris parfait said...

That is a fabulous house! As for the theatre, it may take some time for a child to appreciate it all, but eventually it does sinks in, that foundation! :)