Tuesday, December 22, 2009

will it be a white christmas?

at the moment, it looks like it will be a white christmas. at least if you look outside. the weatherman says something different. it's supposed to be above freezing and start raining tomorrow, so it just may be that all of this glorious whiteness is gone by christmas. so, we did our best to enjoy it today and it kept coming down the whole time. let's face it the weathermen have been wrong before, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

husband set off with the sled and the snowboard.

sabin's friend used the old-fashioned wooden sled.

sabin tried out the snowboard.

it wasn't easy.

but far thought he'd give it a go.

he really bonked his head a good one.
and then he too accepted that it wasn't easy.

so we headed for home and decided to build a fort.
this is how dark it was at 2:59 p.m.
so we aren't really seeing the signs of that winter solstice.

it's now 5 p.m .and they're still out there.
i've just given them thermoses of hot apple cider.


Sammi said...

Oh it looks like so much fun, I want to have a go at snowboarding one day!

iasa said...

That does look like fun! Mabe one day i will venture to a snowy clime. but first i´ll haffi buy proper shoes.


I hope it is, but only once everyone has got home for Christmas !!!

Lisa-Marie said...

I have my fingers crossed and am willing it to be snowing, or at least snow coated on Christmas!

Your family look like they are having such fun, and those photos make me miss living in the countryside! The little village I'm from is snowed in at the moment! I was some heavy snow!

I hope you get your White Christmas x

Ju said...

Great fun. At least snow there is like proper snow.
Have a white lovely Christmas.

Just Jules said...

Hubby tried snowboarding when we lived in Colorado. He said it was like standing on a table with your hands tied behind your back and throwing yourself face first (or head back) into the snow and not catching yourself (since that is how you break your wrists) yeah - it is hard and painful.

beth said...

youch with the head bonk !

this is why I only deliver hot apple cider and hot chocolate to those outside...the rest is way too dangerous for me :)

well, I did venture out to see the ice fishermen on the lake, but that's as daring as I get :)

Char said...

fun shots....i'm glad that you have the snow (and i don't). hope the head bonk is much better now.

Polly said...

I hope it stays white for Christmas. Looks like London may be having the first white Christmas in a long time, it's beautiful here even though you wouldn't believe the disruption a thin layer of snow caused in this first world city. I'm going home tomorrow, I hope the weather clear enough for me to leave... have a lovely Christmas, white or not.

jane said...

looks like you had a blast! warm hugs. here´s hoping you have a white christmas!

Elizabeth said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We got a lot of fresh snow today, so it might be possible. Let's just enjoy ourselves as long as it lasts.

Unknown said...

What wintery fun!

Bee said...

I want the snow to last, but I'm going to need a sled to go pick up my turkey from town if it doesn't start melting a bit. And that's not to mention my mother-in-law, who needs to be collected from Surrey.

These pictures are magical. I particularly love the one of the little boy (with such red cheeks) on the sled. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

and what did you try? the skateboard? the sledge?

building a snow fort - what fun!

Zuzana said...

I am sure it will last.;) We got very much snow yesterday, so I am sure it will last through tomorrow at least.;)
If I do not get a chance later on, I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

hasior said...

Great winter games :)
Merry merry christmas !!

paris parfait said...

Looks like fun, despite the bump on the head. Great shots!